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Zendikar Rising (ZNR)
Zendikar Rising Expeditions (ZNE)
Zendikar Rising Commander (ZNC)
Double Masters (2XM)
Core Set 2021 (C21)
Jumpstart (JMP)
Commander 2020 (C20)
Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths (IKO)
Theros Beyond Death (THB)
Throne of Eldraine (ELD)

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Draftbattle Core Set 2021.

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Henk, you are a...
Samurai (CAIG)
Competitive Aaggresive Inflexible Game-player

You are an aggressive powerful warrior who loves to make bold attacks on your opponents. You get a lot enjoyment out of the game, but you want more than just to play for fun. Your aim is to compete and you compete to win. Your focus is locked onto your game. You build decks that bring you victory. You don't waste your time messing about with experimental or weird combinations - you want the deck that's going to help you win. That means picking the right cards and using them the right way. You're quite prepared to get the basic structure for your deck from somebody else - the important thing isn't where it comes from, it's the performance you get out of it that counts.

You'd prefer to take a conservative approach rather than throwing caution to the wind on something that might not work. You don't want to risk the advantage that you've spent a lot of time and effort building up. Your aggression is very controlled and measured. You like to wear your opponent down in a war of attrition. If it takes a while to seize the victory then so be it, as far as you're concerned it will be all the sweeter in the end. Drafting doesn't rock your world, but it doesn't bring it crashing down either. If the right cards come up, you'll do well.

Your Cards are:
Cursed Scroll
Jackal Pup

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The Magic Dual Colour Test - Beta

Your scores have been tallied up. You are:
You are both rational and emotional. You value creation and discovery, and feel strongly about what you create. At best, you're innovative and intuitive. At worst, you're scattered and unpredictable.

You are Red/Blue!

The Magic Dual Colour Test - Beta