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Even wat info:

Ben 26 jaar en heb Civiele Techniek in Delft gestudeerd.

Begon toen net uitkwam. Door gebrek aan tijd en het snel opvolgen van series ben ik bijna gestopt na en speel niet al te veel meer.

Verder hebben T1 en Legacy mijn voorkeur. Voor het ruilen gebruik ik MOTL hier of Apathy House hier.

In verband met werk, doordeweeks gezien, bezoek ik deze site alleen 's avonds.

Betere Haves
Normale Haves

Cryptic Command
City of Traitors
Blood Moon
Rishadan Port
Stony Silence
Tropical Island
Verdant Catacombs
Boseiju, Who Shelters All
Engineered Explosives
Mana Vault of Mana Vault
Volcanic Island

Island A of Island B
Mountain A of Mountain B
Fatal Push
Thought Scour
Peer Through Depths
Swords to Plowshares
Lightning Bolt
Magma Spray
Mystical Teachings
Patrician’s Scorn

wants alleen NM (rate ik zeer low)/trow/dealcloser?

Elvish Champion
Twilight’s Call

Basic lands

Verder kan ik altijd kijken of ik iets op jouw pp kan vinden voor een deal

Have List

Betere Haves... Alleen weg tegen kaarten met ongeveer gelijke waarde

Loxodon Hierarch
Mystic Snake

Exalted Angel

Stifle Nm-
Braingeyser good/fine
Psionic Blast Nm-

Phyrexian Negator
Bad Moon signed


Argothian Enchantress exc+
Quirion Dryad

Thorn of Amethyst

Llanowar Wastes

Speelbare Uncommons / commons

Counterspell exc
Quiet Speculation nm-
Mana Leak

Goblin Matron
Stone Rain
Goblin Ringleader
Erratic Explosion
Lava Blister

Yavimaya Elder
Crop Rotation

Welding Jar
Chromatic Sphere

Temple of the False God
Urza’s Power Plant
Urza’s Mine
Urza’s Tower
Elfhame Palace
Urborg Volcano
Coastal Tower
Salt Marsh
Stalking Stones

Normale Have list

Death Grasp
Sabertooth Nishoba
Suleiman’s Legacy

Reverse Damage
Force Bubble
Sunscape Master
Herald of Serra nm-/exc+
Lost Order of Jarkeld
Sheltering Prayers
Hazduhr the Abbot
Hidden Retreat
Samite Healer (Chinees)

Barrin, Master Wizard
Second Chance
Drifting Djinn
Time Elemental
Avatar of Will
Denying Wind
Ray of Command

Decaying Soil
Drinker of Sorrow
Endless Whispers
Fallen Angel
Western Paladin
Kaervek’s Spite
Parallax Nexus
Strongarm Tactics
Woebringer Demon

Kumano, Master Yamabushi
Flame Fusillade
Goblin King
Final Fortune en
Wake of Destruction
Words of War
Lightning Surge
Tectonic Instability
Menacing Ogre
Lava Runner

Beacon of Creation
Verduran Enchantress en
Weatherseed Treefolk
Phantom Nantuko
Possessed Centaur
Nantuko Blightcutter

Bosh, Iron Golem
Mishra’s Helix
Charmed Pendant
Colossus of Sardia
Damping Engine
Scrying Glass
Belbe’s Portal
Ashnod’s Cylix
Urza’s Avenger

Deserted Temple
Shivan Gorge
School of the Unseen

Secluded Steppe
Lava Blister
Rootwater Commando


The Insane Magic The Gathering Test
Your Score: Scary...You scored 85 Knowledge!
Um, there is more to life than Magic you know...

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 99% on Knowledge

Michel, you are a...

Mastermind (CDFP)
Competitive Defensive Flexible Person-player
As a Mastermind you play Magic: the Gathering because you want to win - and you've got what it takes to achieve that goal. You don't believe in rushing in with an army of creatures and dealing a massive blow to your opponent right from the start. No. You believe in observing. Watching. Waiting. Weighing up exactly when to go in for the kill. Then, before your opponent knows it, you've knocked him out with an unexpected precision blow.

You can handle an aggressive player who goes in hard against you right from the start: you've seen their sort before and you're ready to greet their excesses with a sound defensive strategy and a wry smile.

Of course, things don't always go your way, but your understanding of the way the game works means you will frankly look at all the factors. You aren't beyond putting an unsuccessful game down to bad luck but you're also honest enough with yourself to admit you weren't playing up to scratch.

You've got the right idea about playing sport and games. You realise that while it's really important to be as sharp on the gaming side as you can, you know there's more to it than that. Different people play the game different ways. By working out who you're playing and what's going on in their head you gain your crucial winning advantage. Before you start a game with someone, you like to know a bit about them. Indeed, as you shuffle decks before play begins you might make friendly conversation. But little do they know that your interest is more than merely casual... You will change how you're playing in response to their moves, reading how their game is going from their body language. And you're not beyond sending out a few signals of your own - perhaps you try to mask your reactions, or if you fancy yourself as a bit of an actor, perhaps you send out a few misleading vibes.
Your Cards are:
Rishadan Port
Vampiric Tutor
Deep Analysis

We say: You are sensitive to people, you like to understand what makes them tick (if only to make your game go like clockwork). Use this sensitivity in life and it'll help you to win friends and influence people. You're not just a Master at Magic, you're probably pretty hot at Poker too.

Favoriete kaarten:
Serra Angel
Demonic Tutor
Wheel of Fortune
Argothian Enchantress
Sol Ring
Tolarian Academy
Pernicious Deed

Favoriete Serie:
Advanced level
Expert level

Birchlore Rangers
Elvish Archdruid
Elvish Visionary
Fyndhorn Elves
Heritage Druid
Nettle Sentinel
Priest of Titania
Quirion Ranger
Regal Force

Summoner’s Pact

Glimpse of Nature



Smiles bij refs doe ik niet aan, iedereen die hieronder vermeld staat heb ik succesvol mee getraded en ben ik over te spreken. = via refsysteem

Sta bij de meeste mensen bekend als MichelKortenaar, met een spatie.

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Johan Visser
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