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Core Set 2021 (C21)
Jumpstart (JMP)
Commander 2020 (C20)
Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths (IKO)
Theros Beyond Death (THB)
Throne of Eldraine (ELD)

Alle spoilers zijn te maken in de catalogus en staan met linkjes op de winkel homepage.

Verkoop of ruil je overtollige kaarten aan Nedermagic via onze dynamische inkooplijst of vraag per email een bod op je gehele collectie.

Draftbattle Core Set 2021.

Persoonlijke Pagina (PP)

BE "Manaleak" (55) Offline Persoonlijke Pagina Profiel Collectie Stuur persoonlijk bericht

Collectie(324) Haves(77) Wants(583)

mijn adres:
krijg je wel wnr we traden



1. Ik woon in belgie dus als je geen postzegel wilt verspillen aan een kleine deal weet je dit nu.


1x Cunning Wish high!
3x Flusterstorm high!
3x Snapcaster Mage high!

3x Karn Liberated high!


3x Polluted Delta medium
3x Wooded Foothills medium
4x Flooded Strand medium
3x Engineered Explosives medium


Xx Legacy Staples
Xx Alle Onslaught Fetch
Xx Duals (shock, revised)

THROW Wants:

Xx Grave-Shell Scarab (foils of gewone maakt me niet uit laat maar weten als je ze hebt!)
Xx Ponder enkel lorwyn dus!


Random stuff:

jan, you are a...
Commando (CAFP)
Competitive Aggresive Flexible Person-player
Congratulations - you are a Commando. You are the kind of player people are scared to meet across the table in a fully lit tournament hall, let alone in a dark alley. You are first and foremost a competitor, but just like real-life Commandos, competing is not enough. You want to win. Only one of you can come out alive and it has to be you. Anyone unlucky enough to meet you in a head-to-head is left in no doubt about this right from the start. You're aggressive, you go on the attack. Taking prisoners is for wimps, but you never let yourself get so carried away that you start making rash strategic moves. Controlled aggression is your guiding principle. You've got gaming down to a fine art - and that means playing against the person, not just their cards. Of course, you aren't going to sit back trying to work out whether your opponent's blink rate gives any indication of the cards in their hand, but you will notice if they start to squirm during your onslaught, and, admit it, you'll enjoy it. As you turn the screw on them, you'll watch them wince and if you're really lucky, weep.

When things don't go your way, there's only one word for your approach: grit. You'll hang on in there awaiting the chance to deliver the final blow to your opponent. Unless, of course, you decide you don't want to show your opponent all the clever surprises in your deck. Every Commando looks after his weaponry and preps it properly before going into action. You build your own decks using the latest tricks, but you like to pack a few surprises of your own in too. You're calm, collected and confident. Your strong self-belief means you can handle whatever gets thrown at you during a game. Ice cool, you'll take the appropriate action to keep your game on course.

Your Cards are:
Cunning Wish
Pardic Miner
Exalted Angel


Guitar Geek=hier al 2x
Rik Bouman
Wouter Lucassen
JosV hier
Braids of paradise hier
Jilldo 2x
Black Weirdo, D(et)onate your signets here! hier
Koba hier
Santa hier
Flaming_FiSt hier
Orenda hier
Arjan van dorp hier
Simon schoofs hier Vampiric tutor!!!!!
Jan de vries hier
Alexander hier
Lorenz Deen hier
M&M hier Super snel en goed!!! aanrader!!!
benji "Gabriel" redlance hier
BaSSie hier
Luke hier
Nevulae hier
Jo Swenters hier
Mox hier 2x (zeer snel!)
Mark Hogewoning hier
Djemelly hier
Robin 't Mannetje hier
Thomas a.k.a Raolin hier
Gerj@n hier
Razor hier
niloc, relentless gatherer of rats hier (beschadigd toegekomen maar geen punt van gemaakt)
BEuRT hier
Aeneas hier
-= Mattz =- hier
Gendrin, Rimewind Master hier
Thomas Grotenhuis hier
Psycho hier
Leonine hier
Jeroen de Jong hier
GH the demon hier
Sonny [Angel] Alkema er was wat fout gelopen langs mijn kant waarvoor hij geen begrip kon opbrengen spijtig maar zijn probleem.
Neal Bouwman hier
Patrick Heyna hier
Stef hier
Lord Florix hier
Tom Van Venrooij hier
Synod Overseer - peasant magic hier 3x
Djemelly - Haves & Wants hier
Roger hier
trebbor666 -Robbert Severijn hier
Huib Raterink 3x
Sander Verkerk hier
Sander Soeterbroek hier
Ruben & Esther hier
Erwin hier
Mieke hier
Glth hier
Toomy hier
BartGroothuizen hier
Vegeta hier
iense hier
Sander v1.1 hier
Jerom (the hellkite) hier
crosseel hier
Shedancedsomacabre hier
Asmorano hier
Pseudomental hier
Jamiew89 hier
Herr Thijs ( Leuven/Turnhout hier 2x
Tha King Vegeta hier
Stefan.vHvS hier (snel!)
Herman hier
Hoiman (The big city of Rumpt) hier
Barnie25 (Huissen) hier
Robin Wolters hier
1Lennert (Tilburg) hier
Fabian van Duurling (Maastricht) hier
Bram (Utrecht) hier
Sander V (Enschede) hier Super trader / alterer
Jurian Oude Engberink (Deventer) hier
Mark hier
Jan Pieter hier
Ximion(Apeldoorn) hier
Maraxus of Keld (Gorinchem) hier Super!
Rith,Primeval hier
Jelmer hier
Tobie (Apeldoorn/Wageningen) hier
Sander Filon (Utrecht) hier
plaaggeest hier
Glenn Van Hoof hier super!
Onno hier
klaasjan 2x hier
Jelle Bouwhuis (Arnhem) hier
Floris_R hier
DwarF hier
Tim Sipkes hier
krisooo hier
SVO hier
Diederik hier Perfecte trade!
Dirk hier Perfecte trade!
Radical_Rog hier Perfecte trade!
FrenkScolexRichel hier Perfecte trade!

Huidige decks

[T1.5] Metalworker/Welder
[T1.5] White Staxx
[T1.5] MUC
[T1.5] Raffinity
[Casual] Pyromancer's Storm


1x From The Vault: Dragons Sealed!
1x From The Vault: Exiled Sealed!
2x From The Vault: Relics Sealed!
1x From The Vault: Legens Sealed!

1 From The Vault: Relics gaat weg voor mooie boden!


4x Verdant Catacombs
4x Misty Rainforest
4x Arid Mesa
4x Marsh Flats
4x Scalding Tarn
2x Bloodstained Mire
1x Polluted Delta
3x Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
4x Reflecting Pool
4x City of Traitors
4x Ancient Tomb
3x Academy Ruins
4x Flagstones of Trokair 1
4x Glimmervoid
3x Wasteland
5x Mishra’s Factory


4x Ajani Vengeant 3 1
5x Tezzeret the Seeker 3
4x Elspeth, Knight-Errant 2
2x Chandra Nalaar
2x Chandra Ablaze
3x Jace Beleren 1 2 altered
1x Garruk Wildspeaker 1
2x Liliana Vess 1
3x Ajani Goldmane
1x Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker altered
1x Sorin Markov
4x Koth of the Hammer
2x Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas
1x Elspeth Tirel


4x Extirpate
4x Thoughtseize
4x Dark Confidant
6x Leyline of the Void
4x Ad Nauseam
1x Demonic Tutor 1
1x Necropotence


4x Force of Will exc- / played
4x Time Spiral
4x Cryptic Command
4x Vendilion Clique
4x Llawan, Cephalid Empress
4x Counterbalance
4x Mind’s Desire
4x Ancestral Vision
4x Time Warp
4x Twincast
4x Counterspell altered
4x Brainstorm
4x Daze
4x Spell Snare
4x Fact or Fiction
4x Force Spike
4x Propaganda
4x Chill
1x Morphling


4x Mox Opal
4x Mox Diamond 4
4x Chalice of the Void
4x Vedalken Shackles
4x Powder Keg
4x Arcbound Ravager
4x Master of Etherium
4x Ethersworn Canonist
4x Chrome Mox 1
4x Umezawa’s Jitte 1
4x Metalworker
4x Crucible of Worlds
4x Smokestack
4x Tormod’s Crypt
4x Trinisphere 4
4x Sphinx of the Steel Wind
4x Staff of Domination
4x Ensnaring Bridge
4x Sphere of Resistance
4x Lodestone Golem
4x Pithing Needle
4x Æther Vial 1
4x Sensei’s Divining Top
4x Sword of the Meek
4x Thopter Foundry
2x Lotus Bloom
1x Grim Monolith
3x Darksteel Colossus


1x Humility
4x Wrath of God
4x Day of Judgment
4x Armageddon 2 2
4x Ghostly Prison 4
4x Oblivion Ring 4