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Core Set 2021 (C21)
Jumpstart (JMP)
Commander 2020 (C20)
Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths (IKO)
Theros Beyond Death (THB)
Throne of Eldraine (ELD)

Alle spoilers zijn te maken in de catalogus en staan met linkjes op de winkel homepage.

Verkoop of ruil je overtollige kaarten aan Nedermagic via onze dynamische inkooplijst of vraag per email een bod op je gehele collectie.

Draftbattle Core Set 2021.

Persoonlijke Pagina (PP)

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* Hall of Fame *
1 Underground Sea
2 Tropical Island
4 Force of Will
1 Gaea’s Cradle
4 Natural Order
4 Polluted Delta
4 Windswept Heath
1 Wasteland
2 Watery Grave
4 Glimpse of Nature
1 Chrome Mox
3 Misdirection
4 Oath of Druids
1 Wheel of Fortune
1 Yawgmoth’s Will
1 Mox Diamond



1 Platinum Angel*****
1 Sol Ring *****
4 Gate to the Æther
4 Blinkmoth Urn
2 Tower of Fortunes
2 Tower of Eons
1 Tower of Champions
3 Spellbinder
2 Lotus Blossom
1 Feldon’s Cane
1 Colossus of Sardia
1 Clockwork Beast
1 Bosium Strip
1 Beast of Burden
3 Well of Lost Dreams
2 Jayemdae Tome
Barl’s Cage
2 Mindslaver
2 Staff of Domination
1 Darksteel Colossus

Lord of the Undead
Rhystic Tutor
Grave Pact 8th

1 Wheel of Fortune*****
3 Savage Beating
Need for Speed
2 Skizzik 1 FOIL
Godo, Bandit Warlord
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Blistering Firecat

Temporal Cascade
Mind’s Desire
Crystal Spray

4Elvish Spirit Guide *****
2Defense of the Heart
2 Birds of Paradise
4 Concordant Crossroads
1Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary *****
5Living Hive
4Bringer of the Green Dawn
4Natural Order (gaat alleen als playset weg)
3Ageless Entity
Vitalizing Wind
Midsummer Revel
Weird Harvest
Kavu Mauler
Nantuko Cultivator
Plated Slagwurm
Mythic Proportions
Kamahl, Fist of Krosa
Thorn Elemental
1Elvish Piper (8th)
Erhnam Djinn
Holistic Wisdom
2 Bifurcate
Pack Hunt

Myojin of Cleansing Fire
2 Wrath of God*****

1 Phantom Nishoba
2 Shivan Wurm

Yavimaya Hollow
Petrified Field
Mossfire Valley
2 Darkwater Catacombs



Raymon de koningh hier
Frank Geertjes
wouter van dijk hier
Stefan Kooij hier
Peter van Leent
Pepijn Mulder hier
Menno van den Bergh hier
Taco Zuidema (niet via nedermagic)
Maureen Janssen hier
Bernd van Buuren
Marc Engelbertink hier
Malkin (korneel dobbelaere) hier
Arnold de Ruiter
Avatar of Woe (B. Luik) hier
Trivan Randjanam Singh
Bastardo hier
Michiel Smit hier
Mr. Fish (joran Bohmer) hier
Kevin vanlerberghe (VUILE RIPPER)
M.F. Gimberg
Bart van Osch hier
Dwarf (Niels Ringenaldus) hier
giovanni woltinge [Army of the Dead] hier
Marc Hogenhuis hier
Christiaan Janssen (Chrizum) hier
Rudy Bloemberg hier
Roger Haenen hier
ruben van de wetering (Rubini) hier
Koen Melis (Micro Cut) hier
Andre Dragt hier
Kevin Bos hier
Richard Pors hier
Timo Nijk (real life)
Anno van doorn hier veiling gewonnen, ruilt ie die kaarten weg
mathijs proos (marktplaats)
[ hier ] Ted Barkhuis
[ hier ] Gerrald Lodewijk
[ hier ] Jacco Riswick
[ hier ] Rutger Visser (marktplaats)
[ hier ] Ruben Geerlings
[ hier ] Gregor de Schipper
[ hier ] Stijn De Clercq
[ hier ] Jeroen van Leeuwen
[ hier ] Joost van der Pol (marktplaats)
[ hier ] Pepijn Mulder
[ hier ] Thomas Konings (wacht al een tijdje op zijn kaarten
[ hier ] tony van dijen
[ hier ] Harold Zuidhof (marktplaats)
[ hier ] Magnus Magicus
[ hier ] Paul Heynen
[ hier ] Maurice Malais
[ hier ] Koen
[ hier ] Jasper Buutfeld
[ hier ] Tomas Geudens
[ hier ] Kris Giesen
[ hier ] Raymond Schellevis
[ hier ] Hane Wong
[ hier ] Mark Vlutters
[ hier ] Walter Fuglistahler
[ hier ] Wouter Pegtel
[ hier ] Wouter Stapelkamp
[ hier ] Ed de Bruin
[ hier ] Bjorn/barti-nator (Bjorn Klaassen)
[ hier ] Jan de Vries
[ hier ] Thomas Snauwaert
[ hier ] Eothai Isilra
[ hier ] Tom de Maaijer
[ hier ] Cas van der Wijden
[ hier ] Faries Mohammedamin
[ hier ] Mark Pluijmen
[ hier ] mark Koster
[ hier ] Maurizio Bullhorst
[ hier ] Tsycho
[ hier ] Danny Lincklaen
[ hier ] Martijn Vermeer
[ hier ] Julian Geelhoed
[ hier ] Rinke Koopman
[ hier ] Tim Spitters (TT)
[ hier ] Roel Bijlard
[ hier ] Stijn van Zanten
[ hier ] Bram Dortmans
[ hier ] Johan Poos
verwijderd op verzoek
[ hier ] the dude (alias Neft) (Kevin Keijzer )
[ hier ] Eric Verheijen (Guitar Geek)
[ hier ] Danny Wildeman
[ hier ] Koen Dekker
[ hier ] Albert Koffeman (Mr. Wizard)
[ hier ] Joep theunissen
[ hier ]
Thomas Gordijn

Personal magic test:

You are a...

Powerbroker (CAFG)
Competitive Aggresive Flexible Game-player
You love going in hard against your opponent and slugging away at it until you emerge victorious. You can't get enough of the game, you play it for the sheer love of it. In many ways you are the purest of gamers - you play the game how it's meant to be played: to win. And you go about it with flair, willing to take the odd calculated risk here and there to make things go your way. Some people spend their time watching the clock, paranoid about the minutes draining away. You, on other hand, like to keep a life counter close to hand, so your opponent can watch his life draining away while yours stays steady at 20.

You're not too worried about playing your cards too close to your chest; you're pretty pleased with your deck but you're not shy about other people seeing what's in it. Winning is important but if you've had a good game with someone you probably won't be able to resist chewing the fat with them - talking about how the game went. You'll want to tell them how you coolly dealt with the tricks they tried to pull on you. If things don't go so well, you might not be in such a mood to talk. You get such a buzz out of getting the win, that if you don't get your fix you're going to be a bit disappointed; but if you're losing a game you aren't the sort to throw your cards down on the table and stomp out. You hang on in there, because you know that things could turn around any minute. The fat lady's got well into the chorus before you'll accept the show's over.

Your Cards are:
Deranged Hermit
Ramosian Sergeant
Shadowmage Infiltrator