Nieuwste Decks

Titel Formaat Kleur
Zaxara, the Exemplary Commander/EDH
Gruul Fires 2 Modern
Kykar v2 Casual
Kykar Commander/EDH
Azorius: tribal flying Casual
30eu: Deathbellow Adaption Casual
Pioneer sealed only 5.0 Casual
Tethmos Casual
The Machine Vintage (T1)
[T1.5] ANT Legacy (T1.5)
Experiment Pauper Casual
[STANDARD] Temur Reclamation Standard (T2)
Heliod TL Tiny Leader
Kalamax, the Stormsire Commander/EDH
Gyrus TL Tiny Leader
karametra Commander/EDH
Kykar Commander/EDH
Mutate funtate Casual
Boros Metalcraft Casual
Shirei Commander (wip) Commander/EDH
Green Mirror Casual
vampire Casual
living death selfmill Casual
wil beastmaster hydra saproling Casual
Ghalta dino deck Casual
Merfolk control Casual
populate token Casual
artifact affinity rbw Casual
mill unblock Legacy (T1.5)
Test Casual
Boros: Cycle Casual
kalamax spellslinger Commander/EDH
[Tiny Leaders] Vadrok, Apex of Thunder Casual
Sealed Deck Casual
Cats GW Modern 2020 Casual
Snow Casual
Nethroi, Apex of Death Commander/EDH
30eu: Setessan's aura Casual
Gruul Fires Casual
Selvala, Friend of Elephants Commander/EDH
mutate spam Casual
Phantoom Pijn Casual
Wizards Casual
[EDH] Sharkboy Commander/EDH
Yidaro, Cycling Monster Standard (T2)
Simic Flash Casual
[Pauper] Cycling storm Casual
Sealed Ikoria Limited (sealed deck)
17) Commander: Merfolk Commander/EDH
WB Enchantment Corona Thuis Sealed 25-04-2020 Limited (sealed deck)