Nieuwste Decks

Titel Formaat Kleur
Deathtouch Casual
Pirates Modern
pako haldan Commander/EDH
LijstjeGroen Casual
LijstjeGroen Casual
*new* test Casual
T - Energetic Ultimatum Casual
Alena & Kodama V2.0 (Zonder Landfall) Commander/EDH
Extort perfection Casual
fungus tribal Modern
30eu: Apple jacks Casual
Cycle of Suffering (Boros) Casual
We need elves, lots of elves... Casual
Yarok budget Casual
Sisters EDH test Commander/EDH
kathril Casual
[EDH]Urza, Lord High Artificer Commander/EDH
Vliegen 2 Casual
[EDH] Tergrid, God of Fright Casual
Knights Casual
All of Us! Casual
Vliegen Casual
Goblins Casual
Aura's Casual
Faust Casual
Rogues Casual
BW Sack Casual
Life Gain-Drain Standard (T2)
Aggroest Casual
*new* changelings Modern
*new* Rally the ancients Modern
Amass Casual
[EDH]Blim, Comedic Genius Commander/EDH
Chainer EDH Casual
simic top deck Casual
Legacy: 12-post Legacy (T1.5)
Muxus Casual
Lands ! Casual
Mono white Standard (T2)
Elfwizardsymbiose 2 Casual
Death-a-Touchy Casual
Blink budget Casual
C - Swooped Commander/EDH
*new* vito sisters Modern
The ONE disk! Casual
Under the sea! Casual
Paper Cuts Casual
Zaxara Commander/EDH
Modern Pyromancer Modern
Hamsie, Hamsa Casual