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Snelzoeken op kaartnaam (Uitgebreid zoeken)
25-5-2018 5:28:05 [Inloggen] [Contact]
De Persoonlijke Pagina van Peter (35) Persoonlijke Pagina Profiel Collectie Stuur persoonlijk bericht Offline
Collectie(1364) Haves(61) Wants(41)

Mijn naam is Peter Kok, 36 jaar. Ik speel sinds 1994 magic, vooral casual in allerlei vormen.

LET OP: vraag me altijd naar de staat van de kaarten waarin je geïnteresseerd bent. Niet al mijn oudere kaarten zijn NM. Vanzelfsprekend zal ik de staat van de kaart ook zelf benoemen wanneer we onderhandelen over een ruil.


Non foil refs:


Vooralsnog geen slechte ervaringen, houden zo...

1. Kirsten Braet hier (meest bijzondere ruil tot nu toe, zie onder nummer 136).
2. Tim Fakkel hier
3. Rith, Primeval hier.
4. Hedzer hier.
5. Dirk Scholten hier
6. Ajani rules hier.
7. Pepijn hier
8. Rayvee hier.
9. Umit hier.
10. Tim van der Lans hier.
11. Niek hier. Supersnelle deal!
12. Max hier.
13. Hans hier.
14. Sander hier.
15. Kevin hier.
16. Arjan Kuijper hier.
17. Martijn hier.
18. Jack hier.
19. Tom V. hier.
20. Mark hier
21. Uzumaki hier


Wants (alleen exc of NM, geen foils)

Zie mijn collectie.



Zie mijn collectie.


Openstaande deals



Een leuke test om te kijken wat voor speler je bent hier

Peter, you are a... Megalomaniac (EAIG)
Enjoyment Aggressive Inflexible Game-player

In many ways you are the ultimate enjoyment-loving, thrill-seeking player. Nobody throws themselves into the game quite the way you do. Wasting hours messing about with strategies and decks is for people who've missed the point of the game: it's for playing!

You want to get in there and have a game. Of course, you want to win, and to do so you go on the attack right from the start. There's nothing better than seeing your opponent's life score have a massive chunk ripped out of it by your army of dragons. It's moments like this that Magic was made for.

What's the point plodding along, doing calculations all the time? If you wanted to do that you'd become a math teacher. Why do we call you a megalomaniac? Because you play for the pleasure - and there's no greater pleasure than total and utter victory. You want to scorch your opponent's earth. Victory is good, annihilation is better. It angers and disappoints you if your opponent decides to quit before you've had a chance to finish him off properly. It's just not playing the game!

But when the game's over, especially if things have gone well, you like to talk about what happened; how you tried a really cool move and nearly got to do it if only your opponent hadn't foiled you at the last minute. If you did manage to pull off that master stroke then your Magic playing friends can be sure that they'll get to hear all about it, but they'll be happy to hear it because they know what you're like. Your attitude to the game is a lot like your attitude to life. You're fun to be around because you throw yourself into things. You give a lot of people a lot of reasons to have fun.

As far as decks are concerned, you'll take whatever comes to hand - whether it's something borrowed from a friend or something new. Just so long as it isn't blue. If you trade, you exchange most of your cards for big creatures.

Your Cards are:
Dragon Roost
Krosan Colossus
Shivan Dragon

We say: Keep on rocking.
What color are you? hier.

You value law, order, community and light. You love to protect the social order and the rule of law. At your best, you are just and protective. At your worst, you are authoritarian and dogmatic. Your symbol is a sunburst. Your enemies are black and red.


Knowledge test hier.

Your result for The Insane Magic The Gathering Test ...

You scored 90 Knowledge!
Um, there is more to life than Magic you know...


Character test hier.

You are Urza, Planeswalker! You're nigh immortal, a super-genius, can travel across the planes and have a high affinity with all the colors of Magic. It's good to be a Planeswalker! You're dangerously obsessed with destroying the Phyrexians, so you're a bit nutty, but on the positive side you're a good guy and one of the most powerful beings in existence.

You scored 89% Honor, 30% Evil, 59% Powers, and 87% Leadership!

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Alle spoilers zijn te maken in de catalogus en staan met linkjes op de winkel homepage.

Verkoop of ruil je overtollige kaarten aan Nedermagic via onze dynamische inkooplijst of vraag per email een bod op je gehele collectie.

Draftbattle Dominaria.

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